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About Us

About Masa Pack

We are proceeding at a steady pace according to international quality standards and recognized international measurement standards. Data and causes of problems are analyzed according to Barreto maps to find out and reduce problems and work to solve them. This increases production capacity and realizes customer requests on time and allows us to increase product quality and maintain customer satisfaction. We also make the customer a partner for us in success through external visits and strictly implement his observations to satisfy the bulk and holders of ISO 9001 and our company is considered one of the companies respected in the field of medicines in Egypt manufacturers and suppliers of plastic packages (injection - inflatable) - pharmaceutical packaging - bottles of cosmetics.

About Masa Pack

In 2009, we decided to specialize in the field of producing pharmaceutical packaging and medical packaging requirements. Our vision for the future is to enter the field of medical packaging and the manufacture of medical supplies and laboratory needs with various products of the highest quality and lowest cost in the domestic and international market.

  • Masa Pack is one of the companies that provide products with quality that achieve customer satisfaction and conform to technical specifications and legal obligations at the right price and at the lowest possible cost.
  • Continuous improvement and development of product quality using modern technology and effective application of the company’s quality management system.
  • The company’s quality goals and departmental quality goals are set by the chairman and are reviewed through management reviews.
  • Continuous training and development of the company’s employees skills to reach the highest rates of efficiency in the implementation of operations and activities.
Our vision

To be regionally distinguished as the leading supplier and supplier of premium quality plastic parts and packaging for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Our mission

At Masa Pack, we adhere to the highest standards to work as interconnected teams within a team, while keeping our customers our top priority in all operations to provide them with high quality and innovations in the manufacture of plastic parts.

We are always proud of our customers

ISO Certificate

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